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“health” Can Really Use Appliances Health Insurance Health

“health” Can Really Use Appliances Health Insurance Health

As living standards improve, people are growing emphasis on health, the emergence of a variety of health appliances, to protect the health of consumers play a certain role in promoting, but industry experts said in an interview Shique, the use of way unhealthy, healthy home appliances may find adversely the health of the consumers, because only the healthy use of health appliances can be truly healthy.

Health refrigerator is not safe

Here say the health of the refrigerator is now more popular antibacterial market, and preservation of the refrigerator. This refrigerator features not only a good food to maintain freshness, while also effective sterilization, to ensure the safety of food storage. But do not think that purchase of a fridge that can sit back and relax.

Chinese Center for Disease Control Nutrition and food safety experts, said Ho Mei, regardless of what kind of refrigerator for food storage are time constraints, such as raw meat nutritious and fast microbial growth and reproduction, together with its own enzyme, room temperature very easy under the decaying and therefore need to cryopreservation, storage temperature is -18 to -10 to suitable. Meat in domestic refrigerator storage will occur slowly changes into a so-called rubber meat, fresh meat storage so students normally should not exceed six months.

Vegetables after picking will occur in the respiratory metabolism, nutrition changes occur, coupled with the role of microorganisms, vegetables nitrate is converted to nitrite, nitrite is a toxic substance, can cause hemoglobin aerobic capacity decline, it is best not to store vegetables for too long. Storage should be at 0 to 4 for low temperature preservation, to reduce the enzyme activity, slow breathing, after picking vegetables, and inhibit microbial growth.

Storage of vegetables is better not to wash, because although they may be washed to remove most microorganisms, but will still have considerable residual microorganisms, while cleaning the surface will destroy vegetable wax, open the door for the invasion of microorganisms.

Store fruit and tropical fruit should distinguish between temperate fruits, temperate fruits such as apples, pears, etc. can be stored in the refrigerator, but tropical fruits can not be stored in the refrigerator to prevent the occurrence of frostbite, can be slightly lower than the growth of fruit temperature storage.

Leftovers in storage when the leftovers with plastic wrap to seal in the refrigerator after storage. Should pay attention to raw and cooked frozen stored separately, can not be separated at the time, should be cooked or leftovers on top, placed the order from top to bottom were leftovers, leftover vegetarian, meat dish, lettuce.

Ho Mei remind consumers that even with sterilization function refrigerator, regular cleaning inside surfaces are also important. Health refrigerator because, after all, the healthy function of the limited and can not kill all bacteria.

Healthy air has exaggerated

Now healthy air conditioner features a lot of health promotion, such as the new ones the wind, sterilization, in addition to dust, remove smoke, in addition to smell, even more than formaldehyde. If consumers in the use of such health air conditioning, full to the health of indoor air conditioning, a serious mistake. China Indoor Environment Test Center Director Song Guangsheng told reporters that the health of any health air conditioning functions are very limited protective effect on health is also very limited. To really improve indoor air quality, ventilation windows are most effective. He said many of the health and air conditioning products now exist hype factor, such as elimination of formaldehyde decoration pollution and other harmful substances, has not really fully effective products, air-conditioning function of the additional health is even more inadequate for the letter. If the misconception that health consumers will be able to remove formaldehyde air conditioning, not windows open for ventilation, the health of consumers that would greatly damage.

The limited capacity of health washer sterilization

Washing machines are now a lot of publicity based on the advocacy of clean healthy rate of function names with ozone disinfection, sterilization, etc. of silver ions, claiming that the clothes can effectively kill bacteria and prevent the breeding of bacteria in washing machines.

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Stay Cool With Air Conditioning Austin

Stay Cool With Air Conditioning Austin
While many people can tolerate the summer heat many other people are going to have trouble living inside of the heat that may be present in some areas of the country. That is when you will want to know that you can find the relief from the heat if you have some type of air conditioning Austin. Once you find this information you will be able to determine just how cool you can stay with the service that you have.

One way that these can help you stay cool is because they will cool the house off that you live in. Since it will be cooling off your house you will see that it is possible to stay inside of your home and enjoy the cool air that is going to be provided.

Another way that it can help you stay cool is by having the windows closed. Now you may think that having the doors and windows closed could be bad in the heat, but if you have these units running all the time you will see that it is going to be possible to have these items closed and still remain cool without letting in any heat.

Something else that you can enjoy is these items are going to help you avoid having a heat stroke or other heat related emergencies. This is going to be a wonderful feature that you can find since it will help you avoid the heat related emergencies that can affect your health.

Being able to stay cool in the middle of summer can be a challenge. However, you can find that if you use some of the air conditioning Austin services to have these units installed that it will be possible to be cool. Once you get these units installed you can have a great time staying cool and know that the heat will be held at bay which can greatly increase your health.

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