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Health Conditions Men Develop As They Age

Health Conditions Men Develop As They Age


As men go through life, they normally do not think about aging and their health. I worried about exercising and looking good for the women, and being in good health was a side benefit of looking good. But as I got to middle age I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate which took me completely by surprise.

With that diagnoses, I started looking at other health conditions I may develop even with a healthy life style.


No matter how healthy your lifestyle, your family history may dictate your health. Remember Jim Fixx, he started running in 1967 and wrote many books on running and the benefits to the body. He died in 1984 from fulminant heart attack.

Though many people pointed at running for causing his death, his lifestyle and genetics were the main cause of his death.

His father died of heart attack, Jim also had an enlarged heart, was a heavy smoker and had a stressful life. All these conditions led his early death

Other conditions you can develop because of your aging or your family history:

High Cholesterol– Because of genetics or just eating an unhealthy diet, you may develop high cholesterol. This condition will need to be treated with prescription drugs to keep your cholesterol within accepted range or change your diet. If not treated, this condition can lead to plaque build-up in your blood vessels causing stroke or heart attacks.

High Blood Pressure– This is another condition that you can inherit from your Mom or Dad. If this condition is not corrected it can also lead to stroke, heart attacks, enlarged heart or even damage to the brain.

Enlarged Prostate– This condition is mainly inherited from your family. There are some complications that can develop from this condition, but cancer of the prostate is not one of them. Most frequent complications from an enlarged prostate are urinary tract infection, bladder stones, bladder damage and kidney damage. In about 10% of the men with an enlarged prostate complete blockage of the urinary tract may occur. If this occurs, then an operation would be necessary.

One thing that men can do to help stay healthy is to visit their doctor on an annual bases. Plus, the addition of fish oil to a man and woman’s diet will help reduce heart disease, blood pressure and cholesterol.

If you have an enlarged prostate you will want to ask your doctor about medications you can take to help with this condition.

Jim Chase was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate when he was 50. After he contacted a urinary infection, he decided to look for some relief from his condition. If you want to keep your prostate healthy or relieve symptoms of an enlarged prostate, you need to visit this site Prostate Well Being to learn more about your prostate and how to keep it healthy.