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Air Conditioning Integral To Health And Safety

Air Conditioning Integral To Health And Safety
Health and Safety legislation across the UK comprises the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. These are the standards that must be met to ensure the health and safety of all employees and others who are affected by any work activity.

Ensuring employees are comfortable in their work has put pressure on business owners to satisfy the ever increasing health and safety rules in terms of business premises kept within the required temperatures, to maximize work output.

The workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations of 1992 require employers to take steps to ensure that a comfortable temperature is maintained, but at present, there is no prescribed maximum temperature for educational establishments. The World Health Organization states that the optimum indoor temperature is between 18 and 24 degrees centigrade, but the teachers union wants an agreed limit of 24 degrees centigrade, as the cut-off point for lowering room temperatures in the classroom.

The summer sun can make everyone uncomfortably hot, to add to this discomfort poorly ventilated spaces can turn nice weather into a nightmare rather than a blessing, but installing air conditioning can certainly help to cool down stuffy workplaces, households, and classrooms into a comfort zone.

Global warming has seen a steady upturn in the temperatures we experience in the UK, and our summers are getting hotter and hotter, and up till now air conditioning in the home is sometimes seen as a luxury around the UK. However businesses have cottoned on to the fact that to adhere to rules and regulations of health and safety in the workplace air conditioners need to be installed more and more frequently, thus the units are becoming more affordable and make a huge difference to the level of comfort experienced by all.

Heat waves when they come can certainly be disruptive in schools and colleges. Very few of the UKs school buildings are designed for heat waves and the premises are sometimes also poorly ventilated. This, coupled with high temperatures can make for restless pupils, with an inability to concentrate which at critical times of the year can affect exam results.

In the UK we do not often experience dramatic extremes in temperature which of course is great news for schools, colleges and universities, however when we do get a really hot period, some organizations will invest in portable air conditioners, which can be used during extreme conditions also keeping costs to a minimum.

A spokesman for Climachill air conditioning specialists in Sussex said air conditioning is our business, and we have a wealth of experience of installing air conditioning units into all sorts of commercial premises, offices, schools, shops, Doctor and Dental surgeries. Also domestic installation is rising rapidly and we do a lot of work with portable air conditioning, we advise customers on what is the best option for them, we do not just grab the money and run. Visit our website and get an idea of what is on offer.

Air conditioning is certainly integral to healthy and safety, keeping a room at the recommended temperature to get the best out of personnel, makes good business sense.

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Upgrade Interpretation Of Health For The Mother 60 Birthday Cheer Oaks – Oaks Air Conditioning,

Upgrade Interpretation Of Health For The Mother 60 Birthday Cheer Oaks – Oaks Air Conditioning,
“The whole country celebrate the National Day, Way back when drums surprise, the people of Qi Zhu Xing, children are out of patriotism.” 60 years as fleeting. Chinese people through self-reliance and independent innovation, hard work, the times, to the continuing prosperity. In China celebrate the 60th anniversary of the anniversary, has always been lively
Air conditioning
How could miss eras industry event.

With the end of the year 2009 frozen, major manufacturers have begun to “conspiracy” new cold-year plan. The face of the upcoming “Golden 9 silver 10″ National Day Golden markets, particularly in a time when the country celebrate the 60th anniversary of National Day War as the opening ceremony of the 2010 freeze year of great significance.

Celebrate National Day, the First Army’s domestic air-conditioning
The first force, and launched a nationwide “6 heavy subsidies” great feedback Thanksgiving promotions, pay tribute to the motherland, for the market and provide consumers with a purchase of “energy efficient, cost-effective” opportunity. And with 11 Golden Week draws near, the Oaks of the campaign is also a wave upon wave.

Graphic media, industrial sites, outdoor, wall
, Ubiquitous health promotion, Oaks subtle but sharp spread offensive, repeatedly throwing to, to health policy as a guide, before snatching the 11 buried deep in the minds of consumers of a. The so-called head start, has 15 years of rich
Experience, already fully aware of this air-conditioned Oaks Road. And the generous follow up the major U.S. media linked the brand momentum, but also enough to show its “blockbuster craze” of the “Olympic” bone. Only from the view of Internet media delivery, Oaks has been no lack of well-known brands demeanor. The reporter observed, had air conditioning, “Legend,” the United States, and Oaks, Gree, Haier have linkage Sina “celebrate the 60th anniversary of the country,” the move, but also subtle meaning through a quarter of the world.

If the Oaks is not the most prominent brand, but it must be air-conditioned market most active part of most concern. According to head of Oaks said air-conditioning, air-conditioning industry in China in the course of 20 years, Oaks Accumulate the first to break the industry profits, the implementation of product and technology innovations, the expulsion of the market, “Bad Money” finally jumped the industry leader. In particular, frozen in just the past year 2009, Oaks actively participate in market competition by making full use of relevant national policies, to achieve the adverse economic rise,
Up to 37% increase over the previous year, re-create the miracle of China’s new air-conditioning industry. In 2010, the beginning of the cold, Oaks pioneered the five major new product distribution system, after which another innovation launched its “Challenge 1 degree, 6 degree of health,” Health Expert Contest, Jian Kang Zijie through healthy run, health intelligent, healthy mute, health air, healthy and comfortable six major health systems by promoting healthy products to consumers from a healthy lifestyle, healthy three-dimensional concept of escalation, and established the “Oaks conditioning elements and unique attributes of health.”

To further increase the health of air-conditioned terminal promotion efforts, in mid-September, Oaks put up 50 million yuan of sales resources to “6 heavy subsidies Ji,” strike out 11 gold sales market. If the “triple subsidy” to enable the successful air-conditioning into the Oaks “
Bringing home appliances
“The market went into the millions of people, family farmers, then the Oaks the re-launch the” six heavy subsidies “will be more of a healthy image for Oaks stationed in the country the public mind. Whether Oaks health products, preferential or unprecedented, or intimate warm human health manners, will be the biggest help to upgrade the brand Oaks.

“We are advocating health, not simply refer to products, but also a healthy lifestyle, and corporate health and sustainable development of the space and the future.” Oaks Air official said, “Oaks have established a strong technical strength and perfect product group layout, the trend of the future air-conditioning industry, Oaks from products, corporate philosophy, corporate mission to promote the health aspects of a comprehensive concept of health products, upgrades and expansion. ”

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