Nutrition Wellness Center Sarasota: Toxicity-Related Illness

Nutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota knows that exposure to harmful substances can cause you to experience toxicity. The warning signs of this condition are diverse and are, most basically, divided into two categories: nonspecific illness and specific illness.

Nonspecific Illness

If you are experiencing general, poorly-defined symptoms that seem unrelated, you may have nonspecific illness. Some of the most common warning signs of this condition include:


  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Allergies
  • Insomnia
  • Bad breath
  • Depression


This is just a small sampling of the nonspecific symptoms that you may experience. Because these symptoms are quite numerous and can occur in virtually any combination, it is relatively difficult for healthcare professionals to determine their cause and categorize their appearance. In fact, the best way to determine if toxicity lies at the root of these issues is through targeted nutritional analysis, or TNA. A highly sensitive procedure that measures nutrition and toxicity levels, this is a wonderful tool that professionals use to pinpoint the harmful substances that may be causing these nonspecific symptoms.

Making the process of identifying the cause of nonspecific illness even harder is the fact that other, more commonly experienced warning signs are also at the root of many of these symptoms. Hypoglycemia, stress, food allergies, and candidiasis, among others, are frequently caused by toxicity; however, healthcare professionals often see them as stand-alone issues rather than symptoms of a larger problem.

Specific Illness

The difference between specific and nonspecific illnesses is apparent in their name, so it probably comes as no surprise that specific illnesses are those that are easier to identify and come with a more structured list of symptoms. Migraine, the flu, tumors, arthritis, psoriasis, immune deficiencies, and sinusitis, among other health concerns, are just some of the specific illnesses that may be caused by toxic exposure.

While these illnesses may be easier to diagnose, their causes are just as overlooked as those at the root of nonspecific issues. For example, physicians may choose to address arthritis but not dig deeper to figure out why the arthritis itself is occurring. Likewise, healthcare professionals will prescribe medications for the flu, migraine, and psoriasis but seldom look for the underlying cause of these conditions.

As you might suspect, TNA is a wonderful approach to specific illnesses as well as those that are classified as nonspecific. This technique can detect even low-level toxicity, which often flies under the radar of other detection techniques. It is important to remember, though, that the warning signs associated with toxicity may not emerge for quite some time, even years after the initial exposure takes place. For this reason, it is crucial to scientifically pinpoint the substances that are causing health concerns and address them accordingly.

The professionals at Nutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota understand that toxic exposure can cause a great deal of harm to your body. Depending upon how long you were exposed and the volume of the substance that you encountered, toxicity can become quite severe. The professionals at Nutrition Wellness Center urge you to undergo TNA in order to determine the precise substances that are wreaking havoc on your body.

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