Why Cremation Is A Cheaper Option

Losing a loved one can not only be a stressful time emotionally but also financially. Nowadays burying a relative or close friend can cost in excess of $10.000 which is an amount the average can ill afford. Realising that families needed a cheaper option to burial, funeral homes in Toronto, now offer a wide range of cremation services, which are far more cost effective.

Costing as little as $2.500, cremation services are far more affordable and due to this cremation rates are soaring around the country. Once seen as a rather barbaric way in which to lay a loved one to rest, cremation is now seen as a respectable yet affordable way to say goodbye.

Funeral homes now offer a wide range of cremation services to suit everyone’s needs and budgets. From a basic cremation service with no service to more elaborate affairs there are plenty of different services to choose from. Different locations to hold the actual service are also available so you are not restricted to your local funeral home or chapel. With such a wide range of different services it is no wonder that cremation is now the number one preference for over 80% of families in Canada alone.

So why is cremation so much cheaper?

Performing a cremation service avoids having to buy a headstone and coffin which have risen in price dramatically over the last few years. A burial plot is also not required which is another huge saving. Burial plots have become scarce over the last ten years or so which in turn has seen a huge increase in price for the available plots. Combining all of these costs then burial services can simply be too much for families to afford.

Cremation is now also seen as a more personal and caring ceremony than a burial. The ability to store a loved one ashes (or cremains) in the family home or indeed have their ashes scattered in a favoured place has deemed cremation as a more loving way to say goodbye. Many grieving families find solace in knowing that their loved ones ashes are close by.

Performing a Toronto cremation for a loved one has many benefits. Not only are cremation services affordable they can be arranged in a few easy steps by your funeral home and much like a burial service a memorial before the service can be carried out where family and friends can say their last good byes to their loved one.